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  • Payment Transaction

    DynaPay™ is the smart choice for efficiently securing online transactions and information while providing convenience and assurance to end-users.
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  • Client-Defined

    The client defined sequencing is the next generation of out-of-band user two-factor authentication.
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  • User Privacy &

    DynaPass & DynaPay brings the perfect two-channel balance to online consumer security and privacy concerns.
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  • OTP
    Registration Authority

    Register once and use OTP everywhere with participating Financial Institutions and Merchants!
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  • User

    DynaPass offers strong user authentication for enterprise and customer applications.
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Mobile Authentication Corp. is the Owner of the Exclusive Patent Rights for the US Financial Services Industry to U.S. Patent #6,993,658 “The Use of Personal Communication Devices for User Authentication” used for SMS Out-of-Band, One-Time Password (OTP) generation to secure Retail Merchant Payments and Online Banking on the Internet, on Mobile Wallets, and at the Physical Point-of-Contact.

Game-Changing Innovation

MAC offers a secure, true User Authentication and Payment Transaction Verification solution for ALL payment verticals by delivering a One-Time Password to each customer via their mobile phone using an SMS text message.

  • DynaPass®

    Provides secure “Two-Factor / Two-Channel User Authentication” for the mobile registration process, and for online banking access and transactions.

  • DynaPay™

    Provides secure “Two-Factor / Two-Channel Payment Transaction Verification” for ACH, credit, debit, and prepaid cards transactions.

  • AdPass™

    Delivers a call-to-action, targeted electronic advertisement to the user’s mobile device, personal computer or tablet in conjunction with the One-Time Password.

  • One-Time Password Registration Authority

    MAC provides an OTP Registration Authority supporting the end user enrollment process thereby providing ubiquitous availability of OTPs for all participating Financial Institutions and Merchants.

MAC Technology Solution

Benefits at a Glance

Dynamic Authentication

This technology provides Two-Factor, Two-Channel User Authentication using a One-Time Password. This securitizes signature-based card portfolios, and provides protection against the two most prevalent forms of Internet fraud today, Man-in-the-Middle and Man-in-the-Browser attacks.

Hardware Tokenization

The mobile registration process creates a device fingerprint linking a specific device (the mobile phone) to a specific individual. Together with the OTP, this meets FFIEC Standards for multi-factor authentication.

Ubiquitous Deployment

The same OTP solution and associated fee structure can be implemented across ALL distribution channels, whether Merchant Point of Sale, ATM Infrastructure, Retail Banking, Treasury Management, Online Shopping or Online Banking.

Reduced Cost

Pricing is structured on a per transaction basis with tiered volumes. This is the lowest cost solution in the marketplace for true authentication. Furthermore, no major retrofitting or replacement is needed at user point-of-contact.

Minimize Chargebacks

The receipt of the OTP provides Payment Transaction Verification approved by the user, thereby significantly reducing potential for chargebacks. All stakeholders, especially Retail Merchants and Financial Institutions, benefit from fraud loss avoidance.

Potential Revenue Stream

Retail Merchants and Financial Institutions can generate additional revenue through specialized call-to-action advertisements provided with the OTP while the user is completing their transaction.

Simple, Elegant Solution

OTP can be delivered on any model of any mobile phone that can support an SMS text message. It is quick, reliable, cost effective, and convenient to use, at no cost to the consumer.

“I believe that in the next five years, using the One-Time-Password and the Mobile Phone will become as ubiquitous to Internet Payments as the PIN and the Debit Card are to the ATM today.” Donald J. Gleason -Chairman & CEO

Why Use DynaPay Payment Verification?

Along with all of the growth and reliance on technology in our everyday lives, fraud has elevated to an all-time high with Internet Retailers suffering $3.5 billion in fraud losses in 2012. 79% of consumers actually report doing their shopping online, but then physically going to the store to make their purchase due to concerns over online fraud, and 43% report already having been victimized online. Merchants lament that chargebacks account for 43% of all online fraud losses claimed.

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The Two-Factor Authentication Solution

Internet hackers can “take-over” the Internet Band by placing a virus on a personal computer, but they cannot “take-over” the Mobile Band at the same time a consumer is conducting an Internet transaction. This gives Online Retail Merchants, as well as Financial Institutions conducting online banking transactions, the ability to link a specific device, the mobile phone, to a specific individual. Therefore, computer software solutions do not offer a competitive challenge to MAC’s Out-of-Band Authentication solution. The MAC technology solution is available either as an in-house solution or Software-as-a-Service. MAC also provides for reseller discounts for major Payment Processors, and allows “white labeling” or “rebranding” to appeal to the reseller market.

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